Jackson County Georgia DFCS You Have Been Put On Notice- You Are Going to Be Exposed for Your Abuse

Jackson County DFCS you have been put on notice. We are coming after you through TV, Government, letters and newspapers. We are tired of you buying and selling our children and grandchildren. A copy of this letter has been sent to the Atlanta Journal, Senator Lee Hawkins, Gov. Sonny Perdue, Jackson Herald, WSB TV, WXIA TV, Channel Five Fox News. It is time to expose the crimes of the State of Ga. in the buying and selling of children. The three children in the picture are next on the auction block of Jackson County DFCS – They are trying to put them up for sale.

1601 W Peachtree St
Atlanta, Ga.

Yvonne Mason
578 SE Ocean Spray Ter
Port St Lucie, Fl. 34983

Dear News Director,

My name is Yvonne Mason. I am a published author but most importantly I am a mother and a grand -mother.
The purpose of this letter is to let your news station know about a travesty that is getting ready to occur in Jackson County,Ga. A travesty that should be criminal.
That travesty is this. My youngest daughter Alice Samantha Thomason had her three small children taken from her by Jackson County DFCS. They refuse to charge her with criminal charges, but yet they continue to threaten her about signing over her rights as a parent.
From the first day these children were placed in the home of the foster mother Donna Webb who also lives in Jackson County she was told they would be available for adoption by the children’s advocate Dedra Shands and Rebecca Boles of COSA. They are not up for adoption.
I couldn’t figure out how or why they would make this kind of statement. Well, after much research I found out. There was an act signed into law in the 1990’s when Bill Clinton was in the White House. This law is named Adoption and Safe Families Act. This act states that instead of DFCS acting to help reunite families they are to work to have the parents sign them over. The reason is the DFCS receives between $4000.00 to 18000.00 per child when they go up for adoption (legal buying of children) Then the adoptive parents receive between 500.00- 700.00 per child until that child is 18 years old. This amount is even more when there are special needs involved. This is allowed under the TITLE IV Funding Act.

In my grandchildren’s case they created special needs. The oldest child was placed on meds for Alledged ADHD.

The state preys on the poor and uneducated to gain the buying and selling of children to line their coffers. The people at the County level involved in this are Stephanie Smith Case Work. She is the sixth case worker my daughter has had. She is now on her seventh case plan. Whenever she gets one plan almost completed they throw another one at her so she will never get done. This is to make it easier to beat her down. They are also forcing her to take mind altering drugs because they say she is bipolar. They are doing this so she will be in a zombie like state so she will sign over her children.

She was in a very abusive relationship and has just gotten out of it. She doesn’t need any more abuse from the state. That is a whole different story. The bottom line is the state has become the abuser instead of the father of her children. Instead of helping her get out – get a place to live and get her grounded they are abusing her by threats, intimidation and lack of legal council.

The other people from the state involved are Judge Joe Guidry, Family Court, Elizabeth Patrick Supervisor DFCS Jackson County, D.M. Brandon COSA.

Once someone has their children yanked by DFCS they are not allowed to see any alleged evidence, they are not allowed to bring witnesses in court to testify on their behalf, they are not allowed discovery ergo they have no way to fight the alleged charges against them. DFCS will never file criminal charges because if they do then they have to turn over the evidence and this is not something they want to do. The reason, they will be found out.

Samantha’s PD is one Candrell Heard who is with the Jackson County PD’s office. He can’t even get the records from DFCS – They say they are covered under the confidentiality clause. Even a murderer or rapist or pedophile is allowed discovery and allowed to face their accuser.

I have contacted the Governor’s office several times – to no avail they keep passing the buck to The STATE OF GEORGIA . They in turn pass the buck. The reason is simple they are covering up the fact that they are trying to make money off of my three grandchildren. A Total of up to 18,000.00

Samantha is currently living with her older sister. She has tried to get in touch with SECTION 8 Housing and can never get through. She has applied for several jobs, but as we all know the economy is so bad most people can’t even get a job paying attention.
When she was in front of the kangaroo Panel last Friday which consisted of Elizabeth Patrick, D.M. Brandon and a few others she was again threatened, harassed and intimidated. She was not allowed to have her attorney with her. She was not allowed to have witnesses present and she was not allowed to fight for her children. They told her she had until the end of the month before they demanded she sign them over.
I need your help in exposing the buying and selling of her children by the State of Georgia. I need your help in showing what they do to the poor and uneducated. This is not the first time it is happening all over the country. I have hundreds of stories. They prey on the poor and uneducated they beat them down and rip them apart. They abuse the parent and the child.

In Samantha’s case, they took the place of her abusive boyfriend only they are worse.
She can be reached at her sister’s house 706- 983-1171 – They live on Grove Level Rd in Maysville, Ga.

I will be leaving to go out of the County from Nov 22-Dec 6 I can be reached at ysam51@yahoo.com my home phone is 772-879-3400 my cell is 770-289-9537.

This is not right. I will be sending a copy of this letter to the other stations , as well as others.
I am begging for your help. She nor her children deserve this abuse. They love her and she loves them. Her only crime was she is poor and she was abused.


Yvonne Mason


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  2. I pray things go well for you and your family. We are going through an almost carbon copy as you but in Jones County, GA. Maybe if we can all band together, all of us that are abused by Georgia CPS, we can make a big spash in the pool, rather than the individual drops we make alone.

  3. We are experiencing a horrible ordeal at the hands of DFCS as well. As I research and read, I become more and more appauled.YES! We must band and demand change! These idiots work for us! They are paid by the taxpayers! Fire all of them!!!

    • Judy feel free to tell your story here. If you would like me to post it as a blog send it to me at ysam51@yahoo.com Nothing will change until parents step out of the darkness and into the light. It is time to stop the abuse greed and corruption by DFCS. It is time to stand up and be counted. Until parents stop allowing DFCS to abuse them and stop being in the dark it will not change.

  4. Horrible and digusting incompetencies.DFCS gets by with it!

  5. Jackson County DFCS are digusting! I think as well as parents stepping forward the I-TEAM needs to go in and investigate there office. i know for a fact they will find alot of foul things going on. ALONG with no evidence of talking alot of children from homes. The one thing that gets me Mrs. Mason is DFCS gives Donna Webb all these children to live with her and then turn around and pay her for them but……she has a small 3 bedroom house for all these children from what i heard 8 or 9. But DFCS will take them from the real parents because their child shares a bedroom with brother or sister. What about all these children Donna Webb has in her her home. Jackson County DFCS ARE VERY BAD PEOPLE AND THE LAW ENFORCEMENT AS WELL. I could write a book myself about all the dirty low rotten things jackson law and dfcs has done. I SPREAD THE WORD TO EVERYONE ABOUT THEM. God i cannot believe they get my tax money. I probabley dont make much sense right now but, it is because you just dont know how much i cannot stand the devils! One word for all them Maria Ryder, Stephanie Smith, Jane Yang, Jessica White, Sereant Steve Taylor and god could i tell you some things about this man, all i can say parents watch your teenage girls. There is alot more but when i get all my facts about each and everyone of these people. They are going down…..

    • Julie Davis Says:

      Jackson County is the scum, bad rap. They care abut numbers. Judge Guidrey is a good judge, though. Get by the workers talk to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sonya Turpin Says:

      they should investigate Banks county as well. I went through a similar situation back in 2005-2006. The only thing that kept my kids from going to the state was I had a lawyer draw up guardianship papers to give guardianship to my parents. Fortunately for me I had a lawyer as a family friend so it didn’t cost much. I feel for the parents that can’t afford to go this route and the numerous kids that are placed in the states care when DFACS should be working to keep the families together.

    • These are the foul trashy people who stole my sisters children giving only one cold back to her the other to the father. My sister was imprisoned, she was drug tested for five years and has NEVER EVER done drugs in her life, she came up clean everytime!! They ruined her life she constantly looks over her shoulder waiting for then to attack her again!! To Stephanie Smith who lied on the stand during my sisters trial there is a special place in hell for you!! Just so that everyone knows the father who has kept us from my sisters son, the man who was the better parent because he had deep pockets and paid all these scum bags off….he has lost custody due to battery and child cruelty in the first degree!! Now we are having to fight again for this child!! Great job Jackson County DFACS great job good looking out for this Childs welfare!!

    • Chris ler Says:

      Jackson county sheriff’s office help dfcs takey girlfriend’s two boy’s and give them to her ex in-laws they charged her with child cruelty took her two boys but her little girl who has a different dad is still living with her and has been through the whole thing

    • I am going through this same thing withbmy neice right now. You can look me up on crowdrise. Libda Gilchrist. We have to get people involved!!

      • Go to change.or and look for remove Judge Connie Blaylock. It is all over Ga. The judge has the say even if DFACS is in your favor and they have to answer to no one.

  6. Hi, My name Gina and I am a Grandmother. I have custody of my Grandson and we are getting a taste of Polk Co. GA DFACS. It is unbelievable, the way that the DFACS agency and its workers can just walk into our lives and turn them upside down with no court orders and no regard for our rights as parents and Grandparents. They do not work in the best interest of the children. A I for one believe that they should not have all of the say so. In criminal law a person is innocent until proven guilty. Should DFACS not have to operate somewhat along those same guidelines? I realize that there are situations where it is necessary to remove a child from their but, should DFACS workers be able to just take our children without a court order when there is no reason to suspect abuse? I don’t think so.

    • nanny nae(Maternal grandmother of the victim) Says:

      I also am a grandparent of a victim,in the case against the ex-white co. ga deputy sentenced to 15 yrs .dfcs does what they want.In o7 this activity was suspected & reported to lumpkin dfcs.On the day davis was arrested dfcs took this child into their custody, even though the us.agent had contacted them,telling them the mother had joint custody and was on her way to provide them w/ copies”he, an agent of the us,was told by dfcs,”we dont want to see her ,things are a mess here”(like we the victims family didnt already know this).she went to the office and was held @ bay until the close of day, then told she could appear in court the next morning if she wanted to fight them for custody.did they not just kidnap the child from her mother and @ a time like this, when dfcs personnel,take the child & her phone and go thru it, instead of turning it over to the feds.the next day she was reunited w/ her mother,but not before they tell the mother that she might want to delete messages from the phone, not that they are incriminating,but they arent normal dialogue btwn a father / child.now, i’m not the brightest but why would the dfcs worker NOT give this phone to the prosecutors,and what had they already deleted from it. Eventually we want need them, for we will be terrified to ask for their help for fear of having the child taken.

  7. carolyn clouse Says:

    no dfcs worker has the right to enter anybody home with a paper from judge giving them the right to enter they cannt remove anybody children without a paper from judge giving custody of your children only way they can get a custody paper is have your children in there custody you have to hire a attorney out of the court jursditance you live in and a parent has the right to request a depent hearing within thirty days to make dfcs prove they have enough of evidence to support there case

  8. I am going through somewhat the same thing with Lumpkin County DFCS. They took my cousins baby (3 months old), I had him for a few weeks then they took him from me due to safety concerns about the mother knowing where her child is. It has now been 7 weeks, we have seen him once and DFCS will not let me or any other family member have him back. The mother is telling DFCS and her attorney she wants me to have full custody, no father around, and we still get no where. The judge agreed he should be with me too but DFCS still says he is fine in foster care now and they will not move him. Any suggestions on what I can do???? Please help me get this baby back to family where he needs to be.

  9. carolyn collins Says:

    Green county dfacs is doing the same thing out here they have taken many children from parents for doing nothing but being poor. these children were never abused parents work but many familys love in old trailers. Dfacs state that the children will have a better life living with a foster family, but this is what im saying, there paying these foster parents between $300, and $500, per child to take care of other peoples children if they would help the natural parent with the same amount of money alot of the problems there having taking care of there own children would b eliminated. So instead of dfacs solution being to take the kids away. they should use the same funding to help the natural parents improve there situation for there own children.


  10. […] Amber commented on Jackson County Georgia DFCS You Have Been Put On Notice- You Are Going to Be Exposed for Your Abuse […]

  11. This is horrible. They (Jackson county) took my baby sister and did the same thing with putting her on meds. Then tried to say here mom was bipolar too. I would help stand against these monsters. They took my baby sister away and were told we could have letter contact but still have not gotten any its been 4 years and still breaks my heart that we don’t know where she is. I love you Jence! Well do what ever it would take to see her. Hope all things go well and Jackson county is investigated.

  12. Julie Davis Says:

    I am a mother of two who just got her children back from JCDFACS in October. They lied they made use out to be bad parents. I was without my kids for two years!!!!! Jackson county stinks!!!! Victoria Moore is the worst.

  13. breana white Says:

    My name is breana white an Jackson County dfcs did the same thing to me 2 mouths ago the took all my right to my 3 year old daughter after taking her for no reason and the people she lives with this whole time wouldn’t let me see her and still want I compiled with them on everything and they still said I didn’t do what I was spouse to and now they are in the final stages of letting someone adopted my daughter and they did the same way with me they threatened me harassed an intimidated me about signing my rights and I wouldn’t and the same judge u spoke about Mr guridy took my rights away from me 2 mouths ago I was not an unfit mother my child was not neglected or abused they just took he I think what u r doing is awesome maybe it will help me get my child bk that I love with all of my heart if u would please contact me at breanawhite30@yahoo.com thank you

  14. Have your investigation look at Kelvin and Patricia Mead. They worked very closely with DFACS and were a “children mill”. They have “adopted” 9 or 10 kids over the years and as soon as the child turns 17-18 they throw them out-literally.
    Their kids who have been thrown out include Samantha Mead, Kyra Mead, Dillon Mead, Jonathan Mead. There are still others that live there.
    Good luck with the cause.

  15. Thank You It’s About Time I lost My Lil Girl Jence I was promise letter contact but have only got one . there ant a day that gose by that i dont think about my baby i was DONE WROUNG i will help in all ways to make them Mosters pay pay big time Jence mommy loves you i will never quit fighting for you

  16. Why has no one contacted Dr. Phil about this. It seems he gets all the complaints.

  17. Oglethorpe county not much better. They do a lot of things that are wrong

  18. Stephanie Says:

    Monroe county dfacs done the same to me they took my daughter cause I was 17. They said I was under age. I completed case plan and all an they still terminated my rights.
    They terminated them after I had another child. My other child I got to keep but they still took my first daughter. It makes no sense how I’m OK to have my 2nd and 3rd child but they took my first! I want justice!!!!

  19. poeticmom4 Says:

    Omg. Thanks for sharing. When I read this it was like my story being written with different names and 1 less child. This is horrible and yes my children and I are no longer victims of my ex husband but victims of the system. It has been 4 years in 9 days that my children were taken and I’m still fighting.

  20. Rachel Pressley Says:

    Jackson co. is having its problems but some people in the county are just having a time of making ends meet and when you ask for help you are made a fool of . I don’t want anybody feeling sorry for me. But my husband passed away suddenly in May 2013. We have had a hard time dealing with this. To make a long story short after my husband passed I was left to raise two grandchildren along by myself. The dad of the kids are in prison and the mom out there on drugs. and I have filed for support and I am raising these kids that are great but I worry about feeding them since they took away my food stamps and I am only getting to work two days a week and I don’t get my husbands SS right now because I have to wait until I turn 60 yrs old and barely making ends meet. They cut out my food stamps and the only answer I get is because of the government shutdown . WHY ? I didn’t shutdown the government!! I need food for these kids . I have had too let some of my bills go to gets food . And everybody thinks I am blowing my money what little I have but I am not. I called and stayed on the phone for 45 mins. then had to hang up and call back I stay on the phone another 30 mins. Now this is stupid nobody should have to stay on the phone to a government run place more than 10 mins. I know people get to talking but come on this is bull. you have 10 to 20 women and men working and not all of them are that busy. Come on now!!! Answer the phone calls!! I have called every day since Nov 9th and no thing. I bet if the table was turned and they were on the other end of the stick things would change! JUST HELP ME or GIVE ME an ANSWER OF Why????

    • There are churches in Jackson county that will help with food and may even help with some power bills, They do not work with or deal in any way with DFACS. I know that Jefferson Baptist has a food bank!! Wish I could help more!!

  21. Elizabeth Says:

    In Thomas County GA the DFCS do the same in this county as well. I was a young mother with no family support and a 17 month old baby girl. I jumped through hop after hop. After 14 months I was reunited with my daughter. My case worker quit once my case was closed. I was her first case too. I married while fighting for my daughter to create a better family image and became pregnant with my second child, a son. My husband at the time became abusive. I was 19. A year after my case closed I tried to leave my ex. I was put in jail under false pretenses but later found not quilty. The problem got worse when I was served with divorce papers. My ex had taken our 9 month old son and cleared what he wanted out of the home in the course of 7 hours. My daughter and I had to move. Not even a month after the divorce was started the same investigator came and opened another case with alleged abuse accusations. Later on down the road as my world and my children’s worlds are being ripped apart during a court appearance this same investigator came to testify on behalf of my ex to allow him full custody of son and me with supervised visits. To make this story a lot shorter after two years and no attorney to help in an innerlockatory divorce and a sexual assault of a known assalunt I did get wore down by the system and did not want my children to bounce from home to home. I did a private adoption for my daughter (who is and will always be the light of my world and driving force to be a better person even if she never sees me again) and I asked my ex what it would take to end this 2 year battle with our precious 2 year old son… he said my rights. I gave in and signed. I was weak in my mind with how the system would rip away my oldest and did not want my children caught in the cross fire. Every day is hard without being able to se them, touch them, hear them laugh, and sooth them to sleep. This is the just of my story.

  22. Shae F. Chitwood Says:

    Fifteen years ago, my 6 year old niece was molested by a ‘Foster father’ in Jackson County. His only punishment was being refused any future involvement with foster children! Ten years ago, I went thru the lengthy process to become a foster parent in Jackson County, Ga. I wanted to offer a home where kids would be safe from pedophiles! I was approved on paper and then later rejected. Get this: Though I had over $3000 in the bank, they said I didn’t have enough money!

    • My cousin was in the home I believe you are talking about that they only shut down. It was at it’s max of kids and said a teen falsely accused the parent. They are full of it. I don’t think they even questioned further.

  23. crystal thomas Says:

    Jackson county dfcs is ruining my family for no reason. My kids are not abused they are not hungry and they are very spoiled. Dfcs still came in on us and investigated due to an annonimus call. They found nothing! But my husband and i are still being harrased because of his past when he was a teen-ager! They say they are there to help you but i ask for what i need help with and they don’t help me with shit! I hope the iteam does investigate the bunch of liers and i will tell my story with no problem.

  24. Stacie Rodriguez Says:

    Mrs.Mason i called and left you a message. Hall county dfacs is the same promise no matter what you do if you have a foster parent wanting the kids then dfacs will make sure you dont get them back

  25. My three brothers and three sisters were taking away after our mother passed in 1994 ( which we need to be) but we went through hell they split us up we moved from home to home klept us all doped up said we had problems note they came in and took us after a year and a half of us kids living on the streets all we had was each other my older sister and older brother took care of the younger ones I was only 9 at the time so when they took us they split us up and wasn’t aloud to see one other now that we are all grown dfcs just let us go at the age of 18 not there for us, my brothers and sisters don’t have the bound like we should. They need to change the way they do things and worry about the ones that really need it. Where we’re they when this 16 year old was killed in Jackson co. Or the child that was burned and left in a trash can.

  26. Fight for those kids!! Don’t let the state do that & get away with this. It is so messed up.

  27. This is happening everywhere and not to just the young either. A group in NC has”kidnapped my son” and I am fighting to have him returned. He is 27 and mentally retarded. Please look at my petition I have on Change.org and sign it. The more people I can get on my side the more leverage I have. If you have not started a petition on change.org maybe you should. It is sent out to over a million people.


  28. Christina Nadeau Says:

    The FL DFC did the same to me, it is a wide spread departmental standards that can be,bent by biased social workers.

  29. Hey I was working with rep. Nancy Schaffer on this exact thing back 4 yrs ago . My case was child support recovery and how they cleared him for being her dad because he knew the case worker and just last yr at the ssi office my daughter which is 31 now found out his name is listed as her father on the ssi form in her file. But this whole time he got away with no child support …this all happened in a town called Clarksville ga yrs ago in 1994 and I was to embarrassed and I kept my mouth shut and now it has gotten worse I will help if u need it. I was never on dfcs I always worked but I had a niece that lost her children so I am ready to fight also I called the archives dept at the Capitol to release the records for my daughter and they never did it has been almost 8 mths

  30. This is happening all over! You have the bad parents and jealous people calling dfcs and making false reports to harass the good parents. Single parents already have there hands full trying to raise and care for there beloved children without our well know crooked, above the law government officials also harassing them. If a false dfcs report is made charges should be filled just as a false police report and people should have the right to meet there accuser and defend themselves. From reading all these comments once again I see our crooked government taking full advantage and looking for a way to make more money. They should work for there money like everyone else!

  31. jeany scruggs Says:

    This is so sad I will be praying for all of y’all

  32. I grew up in DCFS. They take kids away from their parents telling the kids, that it is safe and acting like they care; but it’s BS. They don’t care about them they just want that check every month. I was put on adderal, conserta, and Wellbutrin all at the same time. They told me I was ADD, ADHD, and ODD. I was abused by other girls at a very young age. They don’t care how a child feels in group homes or foster homes. DFCS is Dumb Fucking Check Seekers.

  33. Yeah well Gilmer County has decided to become part of Jackson County and doing the same, and we need to banned together and put a stop to this. I wrote the Attorney General and asked for help, please God hear ours prayers… Did you know that over 5,000 children has died in last couple of yrs being put with foster care, now that could cause people to go postal, please someone on the totem pole help the people that need it , thats why you are sitting where you are we trusted you and it’s looking like we got deceived, not good at all. Pay attention to the little people we have rights…the government said they would protect us seems to me the are right down ——- us over.

  34. Browneyedgirl Says:

    I hope that each of you who have experienced wrong doing, ban together. Meet. Have a powwow and strategize. I had a client whose three kids were taken from her. Almost a copy of what you are expressing. She pretty much lost her sanity. Absolutely heartbreaking. Make some noise. Don’t let this go.

  35. Browneyedgirl Says:

    Just saw on the news a two year old baby girl lost her life at the hands of her foster parents. She was taken from her mom due to failing a drug test. Awful.

  36. Tonya mckinzie Says:

    Yes Jackson county dfacs dont care about the kidsthere for the mothers im dealing with them for over a year. I would like to help yall if I can

  37. April cochran Says:

    I got done the same way by the same judge except the DFCS was Barrow county. I can confirm what you say is true, same exact senerio, I left my alcoholic abusive boy friend moved in with my mom when I tried to change medicine over they would not open a case kept saying it was not close in Jackson county my kids were sick n needed medical attention, the only way they would help.me was a emergency placement for 5 days. I could end at any time took them to Dr tryed to end the placement then they opened a case on me for deprivation.any how you can contact me for more information if you would like.they did beat me down I was abused bit I never sign them away.I still got all court papers ect.they did adopt my children to the woman who was the emergency placement count put two days after they were put in her he she filed for adoption and quick termination of my rights.before they were able to terminate any rights they inform us we could not call them by there birth names they were called something else.its been 15 years still feels like it is still happening every day.there is more alpt more. Just stay strong keep fighting do put the spot light on them news n all class a law suit would help bring it to light run advertising on TV about it I am sure you will have many families who have been done like you that would stand behind you.

  38. Whitfield County is no better. They have put my daughter through hell trying to get her 2 babies back. It all rest on the dirty judge we have here. Judge Blaylock sits up on her bench and looks down her nose at you if you if your not rich. Those babies are my daughters life. She has worked a near impossible case plan to get hers back. Wednesday Dec 9th will tell the tale on if she gets them back or not. She has had 7 different case workers and none of them will communicate with her. If she loses her children permanently then she will take her own life, I can see it coming and then I will be all out in a rage and go after the persons responsible through the mass media and expose them for the dirty dogs that they are. I have been with her every step of the way and helped her as much as possible but all that I have done is wrong. They won’t even let me see the babies. I am livid with the state of Georgia over the continued abuse my daughter has suffered over losing her children.

  39. Christopher lee Says:

    They done my girl friend the same way they took her two boy’s but she still has her little girl

  40. Melissa McDonald Says:

    I went through the same thing signed my rights over in 2003 just to get defacs out of my life. Worst thing I ever did. I was 22 at the time. We need some for of resources to help young mothers when something like this happens. I knew nothing and had no one to talk to about my situation had 9 different case works. We need to put a stop to mothers losing there children.

  41. janet kelley Says:

    I went thru something similar. My grand children were taken by morgan county dfcs. They did a home evaluation and we passed. We did criminal background check plus drug tests. They did not turn this in. They were adopted out to non family members and dfcs collected money for both of them. We are not allowed to have any contact with them. We have not seen them as since august 2010. They county dfcs system is not for the childrens protection it is for the workers to make profits off the kids.

  42. DFACS worst fraud ever perpetrated upon people of Georgia.

  43. I am doing this same battle with my neice in Franklin/Hart County. My story is on Crowdrise. Please look me up. Something has to be done.

    • Danny w briney Says:

      Franklin county u say may i ask moon on your issue if so feel free call me i well margrait dail she i hope is a true attoney just say i want no money but in title to well bankrupit the countys told miss dail case i have win and donate all to families with legitimate hard ship cps brings even more it has stop my telephone number 7062471724 dad tty just text speak moon well i knowall

  44. and then they wonder why there is such a high rate of child pregnancy, felons, and addictions. Maybe because you are destroying hope and the childrens life by taking them away from there family and moving them home to home. PATHETIC

  45. Oconee County Georgia did this to me and my 2 beautiful children. I lost the fight. They’ve been adopted for about a year now. If anyone knows if I can do anything please email me at cristapetty@gmail.com

  46. Paparazzi mom Says:

    Same thing happened to me a few years ago in Madison County. It is awful. Fight for those kids.

  47. Patrick Roberts Says:

    Yvonne, I personally fought against DFCS for more thsn 10 years slong these same lines and still lost, despite proven perjury and violations of other laws. I spent thousands of dollars writing legislstors trying to get the lsws changed. You’re right. It’s nothing but s money maker for the State. If I can help you in any way, please contact me via facebook messenger. I live in Madison County.

  48. Raejean Says:

    I am sorry you are going through this … GA has looked at Children as money for a long time. The whole system is cracked. Once the state is involved, it’s all about the money…. The precious child is a money maker for the system! Sad what they do to children and their family that truly loves them! Look up the Sen. of GA that was murdered because she was going to expose the system! I forget her name at the moment, again the system won and called it suicide!
    What I can say to all of you on here is time is really on your side if you only showed love to the children because no matter what they can not take their memories If you were evil and they were rightfully taken the children then that’s a different ball game, but the children will remember their loving parents. My son is 13 and now starting to ask questions. Cover all in prayer!

  49. Barbara McElhannon Says:

    Sorry to hear about your daughter. Mine had the same thing happen to her they wouldn’t even let me in the courtroom with her and said i couldn’t have the kids myself. Nor would they let me speak to the judge. I know what you are going through. I wish you and her the greatest of luck.

  50. They are doing it to me and have been for the last four years. I want to be a part of this. Savannah,GA is doing this to me. My daughter is 9 and tries to run away to get to me, and it is terrifying because I had to move back home to Ky . But I have 3 in the custody finished the case plan and still know children I have had multiple family members try to get them out if the system but they act as if they are not good enough. Come on a teacher, police officer ,and nurse just to name a few of there occupations . Now why would they not be approved. They lied and said they did home visit for placement and the Dfcs for that state says they never contacted them please I need to take this journey I will tell my story let’s save our kids!

  51. Patrick Roberts Says:

    Yvonne, I hope you have more success in this than I had. I exposed all of this mess well over 15 years ago and have tried every couple of years since to get the legislature later to change the la ws, with no success. I also ran into a conflict of interest with the juvenile judge refusing to appoint counsel when reques
    ted, as state law provided, stating he would be my attorney. I spent several thousand dollars in po stage writing every single member go the GA General Assembly to no avail. If I can help you in any way, message me through FB messenger or email me at patrickroberts@bellsouth.net.

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